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bullet Commodity Flow Survey - Produces data on the movement of goods in the United States.
bullet Current Industrial Report - Truck Trailers - Discontinued after 2000, the CIR produces data on the production and shipments of selected products.
bullet Journey to Work and Place of Work - Population and housing data collected from the decennial census providing information on the journey-to-work and place-of-work characteristics of workers 16 years and over.
bullet Service Annual Survey: Transportation and Warehousing - Provides national estimates of revenue and vehicle fleet inventories for commercial motor freight transportation and public warehousing service industries.
bullet Economic Census: Manufacturing Sector
bullet Economic Census: Transportation Sector
bullet New! The North American Transportation Statistics Online Database (NATS-OD) New!


bullet 2001 National Household Travel Survey - Provides information at the national level on the relationships between the characteristics of personal travel and the demographics of the traveler.
bullet Bureau of Transportation Statistics: TranStats - Highlights include a searchable index, selective downloads, interactive analytic tools, and a mapping center with the full National Transportation Atlas Data Base
bullet Census Transportation Planning Package 2000 - Designed for transportation planners, it contains tabulations by place of residence, place of work, and for flows between home and work.
bullet Center for Transportation Analysis - Develops integrated intermodal transportation solutions through innovative and cost-effective research and development.
bullet Energy Information Administration: Transportation - Highlights include regional driving costs, regional energy profiles, fleets of alternative fuel providers, and more.
bullet Environmental Protection Agency: Fuel Economy Guide - Includes data on gas mileage, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution ratings, safety information for new and used cars and trucks, and more.
bullet Environmental Protectin Agency: Transportation and Air Quality - Includes data on pollutants and programs; consumer information; on-road and nonroad engines and vehicles; fuel additives; and modeling, testing, and research.
bullet Federal Highway Administration: Office of Freight Management and Operations - Provide coverage on freight issues, trends, and programs. Highlights include data by state, including commodity flows, truck fleet characteristics, truck size and weight enforcement activities, points of contact, and more.
bullet Federal Highway Administration: Office of Highway Policy Information - Collects, analyzes and distributes highway related data from federal, state and local sources. Selected documents and periodicals are available.
bullet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: Analysis and Information Online - Highlights include SafeStat, crash profiles (i.e., Fatality Analysis Reporting System), program measures (i.e., traffic enforcement), NAFTA safety stats, and analysis reports.
bullet National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Sets and enforces safety performance and fuel economy standards for motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment.
bullet Transportation Review Board - Disseminates transportation research results and technology information through an extensive array of timely publications.
bullet U.S. Department of Energy: FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies - Focuses government support on fundamental, high-risk research that applies to multiple passenger-vehicle models and emphasizes the development of fuel cells and hydrogen infrastructure technologies.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, SSSD
Last Revised: 09/03/2004

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