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Partnership Beyond 2010

We had over a quarter million partners for the 2010 Census, including over 850 national organizations. Now, we want to build on those partnerships moving forward.

Stay Involved

As we transition out of the operational phase of the 2010 Census, we want to keep you informed and involved. As critical data about our nation and its people begins to roll out from the 2010 Census, we plan to share with you a wide variety of data products, beginning in December 2010. As Census partners, we encourage you to stay involved and take advantage of the data and services we offer. We will continue to send periodic updates on our programs and products, and offer a menu of free services—including webinars and other activities.

To help us meet you where you are, we have twelve regional offices across the United States conducting dozens of surveys throughout the decade, as well as permanent outreach staff to help educate you and your stakeholders on the many data products we offer.

Now is the time for all of your hard won efforts as a 2010 Census partner to come full circle. Take advantage of our staff and free services to educate your organization on the rich census data reflecting the characteristics of your community and its people. Census data enriches communities and paves the way for smart growth, adding up to over $400 billion in federal funds distributed to state, local and tribal governments, every year.

It's Not Too Late to Partner

To become an official regional/local level Census partner, please telephone the Census Bureau's, Regional Census Center that serves your area. To become an official national level partner, please email

Contact Us

Keep an eye out for future updates and please call us (800-923-8282), drop an email (, or visit our website ( We look forward to a continued, sustained partnership with you, providing all the data you need to help make informed decisions.

For regional/local level 2010 Census partnership information, please telephone the Census Bureau's Regional Census Center that serves your area. For national level partnership information, please email

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