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Foreign Trade Data - Exports (EXP)

The Foreign Trade Exports data (EXP) contains transactions level data on the exports of the universe of firms operating in the U.S. that engage in merchandise export to a foreign destination. (See source of information details.)

The export data are the universe of trade transactions data collected by the Customs Bureau during the exportation process, containing value, date, country of origin or destination, quantity, HS code, and other variables. For details, see an example of the shipper’s export declaration and the electronic export information.

Exports measure the total physical movement of merchandise out of the United States to foreign countries whether such merchandise is exported from within the U.S. Customs territory or from a U.S. Customs bonded warehouse or a U.S. Foreign Trade Zone. (See coverage details.)

EXP Restricted–Use Microdata


Economic – Transactions Data






Census Bureau

Unit of Enumeration





Over 37 million in 2016
This is a transaction level dataset. The number of observations varies by year.

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