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The Department of Commerce Appropriations Act, 2016 (Public Law 114-113) authorizes the U.S. Census Bureau to award cooperative agreements to appropriate entities, including any Federal, State, or local government unit, or institution of higher education, to aid and promote certain statistical, research, and methodology activities.

The Census Bureau has posted a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) announcement to solicit applications from eligible applicants to support specific research projects that will help improve measurement of the U.S. population and economy, and to inform the general public about the selection criteria we will use to administer the discretionary Federal assistance award under the NOFO.

There are three competitions under this announcement. The Census Bureau is soliciting applications from eligible applicants who have a mutual interest in one or more of the three program priorities: 1. Formal Privacy Research, Development, and Outreach for Sample Surveys, 2. Analyses of How Social Media Data and Open Source Data May Provide Greater Insight into Public Attitudes and Perceptions and 3. Address-and Probability-Based Online Panel Recruitment and Maintenance.

For further information on the full NOFO announcement listed below, go to

  • Federal Funding Opportunity Number: CENSUS-ADR-ADRM-2020-2006579

  • Federal Opportunity Title: U.S. Census Bureau Research and Methodology Directorate Cooperative Agreements
  • CFDA Number: 11.016, Statistical, Research, and Methodology Assistance


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