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People with Disabilities

The Reasonable Accommodation Branch (RAB) works to remove barriers for the employment of people of all abilities. It is important for each of us to remember that although we may not have a disability today, we might acquire one tomorrow. A slip or fall, an automobile accident, or a call from a physician concerning the results of recent medical exam can drastically change our lives forever. With that in mind, we hope that each employee finds comfort in knowing that the RAB is here to assist.  

Reasonable Accommodations

A reasonable accommodation is a change in the work environment or in the way things are customarily done that would enable an individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities.  Examples of reasonable accommodations include, but are not limited to, providing interpreters, readers, or other personal assistance to help perform job duties; modifying job duties; restructuring worksites; and providing accessible technology or other workplace adaptive equipment.  The RAB provides the following services/support to applicants of and employees at the U.S. Census Bureau. 

  • Provides neutral, unbiased information on disability matters to all customers
  • Plays an integral role in the reasonable accommodation process
  • Promotes and practices confidentiality of medical information
  • Adheres to the reasonable accommodation laws, policies and procedures

Although job applicants or employees with disabilities who need reasonable accommodations are responsible for requesting a needed accommodation, it is the Census Bureau's responsibility to create an environment that:

  • Allows for open and effective communication about needed accommodations.
  • Encourages individuals with disabilities to request needed accommodations.
  • Assures that each request will be considered carefully and confidentially.
  • Provides reasonable accommodations, when needed, to enable an individual to fully participate and contribute.

Please contact us at or 301-763-4060 to get in touch with a Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator who can answer your questions.

Summary of Reasonable Accommodations Request Procedures

A job applicant, hiring manager, supervisor, employee, or someone acting on their behalf (family member, health professional, or other representative) may submit a request for reasonable accommodation. An individual can request a reasonable accommodation orally or in writing (no special words are needed).  This request must be submitted to a supervisor in the employee’s chain of command or to the RAB. 

When a request for reasonable accommodation is submitted, RAB will ask for the following information in order to begin the interactive process:

  • Applicant/Employee Name
  • Applicant/Employee Phone Number
  • Employee’s Division
  • Name and Telephone of Employee’s Immediate Supervisor
  • Initial Date of Request (if different from the date accommodation request was submitted in writing – please include explanation)
  • Description of Accommodation(s) Requested by Applicant/Employee

Medical information may be needed to support a request for accommodation and should accompany the request, whenever possible.  PLEASE NOTE: medical information should not be provided to the supervisor.  As a convenience, attached is the CD 575 [PDF <1.0 MB]., Request for Reasonable Accommodation. The information may be sent via e-mail to the Reasonable Accommodation Staff at or faxed to our secure fax at 301-763-9895.

Once received, a Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator will process the request, and provide guidance and suggestions to the requestor and their Deciding Management Official (DMO) in an interactive process that will allow for clear communication by both parties.  When a determination has been made by the DMO, the requestor will be notified of this decision by the Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator.

Interpreting and CART Services

The RAB provides sign language interpreting services, captioning--or Computer Aided Real-Time Translation (CART)--and other assistive technologies for interviews, meetings, trainings and a variety of Census sponsored events, whether on or off site.  Please email the Interpreting Services Coordinator at or call 301-763-2151 (voice) to request assistance.

Personal Assistance Services

Personal Assistance Services (PAS) allow employees with targeted disabilities to fully participate in all facets of the workplace experience by being provided assistance with activities of daily living, such as eating, drinking, using the restroom, and putting on or taking off clothing.  For many individuals with targeted disabilities, such as paralysis, Lou Gehrig’s disease or cerebral palsy, full participation in the workplace is impossible without such services.

Recognizing this, the RAB provides the coordination and provision of these services and works to expand and raise awareness of employment-related PAS options.  Improving PAS access and options helps not only to reduce economic barriers for people with disabilities, but also increases awareness of the importance of direct care workers.  To schedule PAS for yourself or an employee, please contact the RAB staff at or call 301-763-4060.

Scooter Loaner Program

The RAB offers scooters on a temporary basis for employees and visitors to Census Bureau Headquarters. If an employee needs a scooter at work permanently, the RAB staff will help process a reasonable accommodation request to have the division provide one for any qualified individual.

Accessible Parking

The Census Bureau offers special, accessible parking spaces for persons with a disability needing dependable and close access to the facility.

Training and Awareness

The RAB staff reviews policies, procedures and guidance on disability issues then develops and facilitates training to ensure the needs of persons with disabilities – whether Census Bureau employees, applicants or visitors – are properly addressed.

Partnering and Community Involvement

The RAB provides assistance and expertise to Federal Reasonable Accommodation Managers, Selective Placement Coordinators, Human Resources Specialists and Equal Employment Opportunity Specialists on Schedule A and Reasonable Accommodation management. The staff also participate in activities sponsored by community-based organizations and state/DC vocational rehabilitation offices to demystify the federal hiring process for persons with disabilities.


US Census Bureau
Reasonable Accommodation Branch
4600 Silver Hill Rd.
North building – 2nd Floor, BLUE
Suitland, MD 20746
301-763-4060 Office (voice)
301-763-9895 Secure Fax

Selective Placement / Recruitment

  • Develops recruitment solutions tailored to specific hiring needs
  • Markets office vacancies to persons with disabilities who are eligible for non-competitive placement via the Schedule A hiring authority
  • Represents Census at events focused on hiring veterans with disabilities

For more information about our Selective Placement program, please contact a Human Resource Specialist at  

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