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Diversity & Inclusion


The Census Bureau’s Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO) is committed to attracting, developing, and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce where ALL cultures, backgrounds, and experiences feel welcomed, respected, and valued DIO leads efforts to promote inclusive principles into the daily rhythm of Census’ operations while guiding programs that focus on implicit bias, cultural intelligence, and the impact culturally-based issues have on employees, teams, supervisor efficiency and the bottom line. We develop and implement data driven approaches to analyze, correct, and prevent barriers to organizational inclusion.

“Governments can enhance growth by increasing inclusiveness. A country’s most valuable resource is its people. So it is essential to ensure that everyone can live up to their potential, which requires opportunities for all.” – Joseph Stiglitz

Inclusion @ Census

DIO leads efforts to foster an inclusive environment through data driven analysis and innovative strategies. Our goal is to promote inclusive principles within the daily rhythm of Census’s operations, policies, strategic plans, procedures, and organizational practices. Cultural intelligence must be modeled to foster a culture of respect, collegiality, and productivity. We use quantitative and qualitative data to lead discourse on unconscious bias and macro/micro change management. Through the intersection of federal, scholarly, and organizational leadership and change research, DIO is leading the development of a commitment of inclusion that is rooted in meeting the needs of the agency; we are connected by our mission. We advocate for and facilitate the creation of strategies to address the changing needs within the Bureau; bridge knowledge sharing gaps (where cultural miscommunication and issues arise); and, we relentlessly search for ways to understand and translate the conception of a knowledge culture.

Office Information

Main Line: (301) 763-8311

Diversity Council

The Diversity Council is committed to furthering the awareness of the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. The Council is an advisory body comprised of seventeen (17) members:

  • One Council Chair, an Associate/Assistant Director, designated by the Bureau Director.
  • Eight management members appointed by the Bureau Director, which includes one representative from the Contact Center; and one representative from the Regional Office.
  • Eight union members appointed by Council 241 President, which includes one Council Vice Chair, one representative from the Contact Center; and one representative from the Regional Office.
  • All members must be current employees.

The Diversity Council partners with Census Leadership, DIO, and Affinity Groups to lead efforts in support of the seven tenets of Diversity & Inclusion, Opportunity, Comprehensiveness, Accessibility, Training, Management, Evaluation and Communication.

Diversity & Inclusion Council Members (left to right): Steven Klement, Aretha Wilkerson, Diane Twining, Karen Silloway, Irvin Vann, LaVerne Byrd, Kristy Demas, David Ziaya, Lisa Moore, Jenny Tran, Robin Bachman​. Not pictured: Angela Andrade, Christina Blanton Alsaady, Coli Irvin, Kenneth Beyersdorf, Eloise Parker, Thomas Almerini, Debby Gomez Rasadore, Sterling Furrowh.

Diversity Council Contact Information

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are employee led groups that report to the Diversity Council and are formed around a shared interest or common bonds. They are formally recognized as employee empowerment groups integral to agency policy development, promoting employee engagement, and dedicated to community service. Affinity Groups also support the efforts of special emphasis programs throughout the agency.

Spotlight @ Census

The following events are upcoming:

The U.S. Census Bureau's Diversity and Inclusion Office hosts "Executive Women in Motion: Pathways to the Senior Executive Service"

The Diversity and Inclusion Office is coordinating this event with OPM's interagency development program known as Executive Women in Motion (EWIM) and with The Equal Futures Partnership. EWIM's mission is to promote the advancement of women in the Senior Executive Service through interagency mentoring, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing. The Equal Futures Partnership is an innovative, U.S.-led, multilateral initiative designed to encourage member countries to empower women economically and politically.


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