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Child Development Center

Census Child Care Center

The U.S. Census Bureau, in partnership with the General Services Administration constructed a 7,200 square foot child care center located on the Suitland Federal Center (Between Census Headquarters and the Office of Naval Intelligence).

The Suitland Federal Child Development Center, which opened September on 8, 2003, is a Census Bureau-sponsored center with participating support from the Office of Naval Intelligence and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Bright Horizons Family Solutions

200 Talcott Avenue South
Watertown, MA 02472

Mission Statement: "The Bright Horizons Family Solutions mission is to provide innovative programs that help children, families, and employers work together to be their very best. "

Program for Learning: The World at Their Fingertips - The World curriculum, developed by Bright Horizons’ Senior Vice President of Education Jim Greenman and a team of the nation’s early childhood experts, is based on established research and theory in child development and education. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on the development of language, math, science, and social skills and incorporates the key elements that contribute to a child’s readiness for school and academic success. 


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