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Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Census Corporate University - (CCU) was established as the academic component of the Bureau's strategy for continuous employee development through lifelong learning. Currently, CCU has partnerships with these accredited colleges and universities: Prince George's Community College, University of Maryland College Park and George Washington University.

Workforce Development Curriculum

  • Management and Executive Development competency-based curriculum for current supervisors and managers; emphasizes four key context areas of public management: public leadership, business management, institutional environment, and valuing people.
  • Professional Development and Leadership competency-based training for all professional employees to advance knowledge and skills necessary for professional and organizational growth. Courses should be selected based on individual development plans and occupation-related needs and interests.
  • Technical and Administrative Support Staff competency-based training courses that build confidence, capability, and competitiveness while increasing skill and knowledge needed for a strong technical and support staff workforce.

Computer Related Training

Resources, products and information to support IT's Computer Related Learning program, including classroom courses held at SHEP and web-based CBTs that can be taken at your desktop. Courses cover various aspects of SAS, Oracle, UNIX, C/C++, Internet, MS Office, and Lotus Notes Mail.

IT Security Awareness Training

Information Technology Security Awareness, Title 13 and Title 26 web based training.

Administrative Policies

Training policies, strategies and guidelines.

Career Resource Center

Offers a comprehensive array of career enhancement services including career planning and job search assistance. The Center is designed to help you take charge of your career and professional development. All services are free of charge to Census employees.

Directorate and other Headquarters Training Programs

Training programs presented for a specific directorate or audience such as CBS Training, Demo U, Econ U, and Field Training and Career Development.

My SmartForce E-Learning

Web-based CBTs, Live on-line seminars, etc. taken at your desk or anywhere via the Internet.

Professional Development Guides

Explore your future through personal and professional development. The Professional Development Guide introduces you to occupations at the Bureau, identifies competencies for success, and serves as a self-development tool to help prepare yourself for a career.

Executive Resources

The Executive Resources Program serves as the focal point for recruitment, staffing, position management and policy recommendations regarding Senior Executive Service (SES) and other executive positions with the Bureau of the Census.


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