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Transit Benefit Program

What is the Transit Benefit Program?

In April 2000, the Census Bureau Headquarters Partnership Council implemented the Transit Benefit Program. President Clinton signed an Executive Order mandating federal agencies provide transportation benefits to encourage the use of mass transportation and expand commuting alternatives to qualified federal employees working in the National Capital Region.

The Transit Benefit program was modified in conjunction with this Executive Order. The revised Program document is available for reference.

The transit benefit amount a participant will receive is equal to the participant’s commuting costs up to a statutory limit. The current statutory limit is up to $130 per month.

The Transit Benefit Program is a financial incentive that encourages federal employees to use mass transportation or Metro-approved vanpools, rather than single-occupancy vehicles, to commute to and from work. 

The objectives of this program are to reduce congestion on roads and highways, improve air quality and parking conditions at the Census Bureau, and retain and recruit employees.

The program is open to all federal employees who meet the minimum requirements. Participants in the program will not be eligible for a parking permit.

Transit benefits are nontaxable for Federal Government employees only.


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