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Facts for Your First Day of Work

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Reporting for Work

On your first day of work, report directly to Suitland Federal Center, at 8:30 am. You will attend a one and a half to two day orientation session before going to your division work area. We encourage you to ask any questions you might have about the Census Bureau at this time. Please call the Recruiting Office at 301-763-4748 for the location of your orientation session.


The Census Bureau is located at the intersection of Silver Hill and Suitland Roads in Suitland, Maryland, about 2 miles outside the southeastern limits of Washington, D.C.

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Hours of Work

With some exceptions, employees may participate in a flexible work schedule (Alternate Work Schedule or Flextime). These options permit the employee to select a work schedule with non-traditional hours of arrival and departure. Hours of work fall between 7 am and 6:30 pm. A package provided at orientation contains more information. All work schedules are subject to supervisory approval.

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Commuter information can be accessed at the following websites: Virginia Railway Express, Maryland Mass Transit Administration (MTA) and Metro Area Transit Authority. The Southern Maryland Bus Routes are available in pdf and we offer a Carpool Database on the Human Resources Division intranet site that new employees can utilize on their first day of work.

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If you receive a temporary parking permit, you may use it to park anywhere in the general parking areas designated by white lines. Your division's administrative liaison will issue a permanent parking permit to you on your first day. Car Pool Only" parking areas are designated by green lines and require special parking permits. The orientation package includes a form to indicate interest in a car pool.

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Building Pass

The Census Bureau is a secured building. On your first day of work, if you have not received a temporary building pass and parking permit, you must obtain them from the gate 5 guard station located just inside the fence at the intersection of Silver Hill and Swann Roads. The orientation session covers procedures for obtaining a permanent building pass. You must display your building pass to the Federal Protective Officer upon entering the building; you must wear your pass at all times.

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All appointments are subject to a suitability investigation.

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Pay Schedule

The official payday is every other Thursday. You must arrange to have your salary sent to your financial institution by direct deposit. You should be aware that direct deposit ensures a safe and prompt transfer of funds to your account. You can find the pay period calendar and current pay rates online.

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Convenient housing is available. Washington, D.C. newspapers provide a wide range of options which should satisfy any particular need within the greater metropolitan area. Our Recruitment Office can also provide home and apartment guides. You can contact the Recruitment Office by calling 301-763-4748 or toll-free 1-800-638-6719.

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Additional Information

If you have any additional questions or need to know the location of the orientation session, please contact the personnel specialist who offered you employment. 

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