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Relocation Travel Guidelines for New Appointees (First Official Duty Station in the Federal Government)

Do I need authorization to travel to my new duty station?

Yes. You must have an approved travel order BEFORE incurring any travel expense.

May I purchase airline/rail tickets?

No. Airline/rail tickets are prepaid by the government. The traveler must make reservations through the Travel Management Center (SATO) at 1-888-229-3788. Airline tickets should not be purchased using personal cash or credit card. A travel authorization must be prepared by the hiring Division and submitted to SATO before a prepaid electronic ticket can be issued.

What allowable expenses may I be authorized?

  • Shipment and storage of household goods.
  • Travel expenses, including per diem, for the employee.
  • Travel for the immediate family (per diem excluded).
  • Shipment of Privately-owned Vehicle (POV) (if advantageous to the government).
  • Mileage for use of POV.
  • Transportation of mobile homes versus shipment of household goods.

How do I make arrangements for authorized shipping and storage of household goods?

Contact the Shipping and Receiving Section on 301-763-1863 to make arrangements for shipment and storage of household goods. A determination will be made on the method of shipment most cost advantageous to the government by using the General Services Administration cost comparison. The government bill of lading (GBL) is the method most widely used. The government is billed directly using this method. Storage of household goods for 90 days with extensions not to exceed 180 days.

What enroute per diem rate will I be reimbursed?

Employee only (Standard rate of $60 for lodging and $31 for M&IE) NTE $91 per day. Locality rate may be applicable if advantageous to the Government.

What travel expenses will be authorized for my immediate family?

Transportation is the only authorized expense for immediate family traveling to the new duty station.

Can I be authorized shipment of POV to the new duty station?

Shipment of POV must be cost advantageous to the Government. A cost comparison will be required.

What is the authorized mileage rate when I travel by POV?

Travel by POV will be paid at a mileage rate of 15, 18, 19, or 20 cents per mile depending on the number of family members traveling. The miles are determined from the standard highway mileage guide.

Do I need receipts for my approved travel expenses?

Yes. Receipts are required for all lodging and rental car expense and any expense in excess of $75.

How will I be reimbursed for my approved travel expenses?

Expenses (with receipts) are submitted on a CD-370 and Instructions, Travel Voucher to Finance Division, after approval by the approving official.


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