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Statistician (Concentration on Social Science)

Job Summary and Qualifications

Designing, managing and analyzing national and international surveys and studies that supply the official population and housing statistics that Congress, state and local government, other Federal agencies and businesses want on such topics as:

  • Population Size and Distribution
  • Income and Poverty
  • Employment and Unemployment
  • Family and Fertility
  • Health and Disability
  • Housing and Neighborhood Characteristics

We offer Unique Opportunities to:

  • Create the official national statistics on population trends
  • Manage and design sample surveys
  • Design questionnaires
  • Collect, analyze, and report data
  • Write reports that influence policy
  • Do outstanding research with integrity
  • Report to Congress, other Federal agencies and the President
  • Provide international technical assistance on census, survey and population analysis

What you need to know:

Their background includes 15 semester/22 quarter hours in mathematics and statistics in courses plus 9 semester hours in social science, business, or related classes.

Examples of the types of classes included in the math and statistics requirement:
  • Basic Social Statistics
  • Intermediate or Advanced Social Statistics
  • Business and Economic Statistics
  • Research Methods
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
  • Demographic Techniques and Analysis
  • College Algebra
  • Calculus
  • College Math
  • Intermediate Procedures for Data Collection
Examples of the types of classes included in the social science, business, or related class requirement:
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Demography
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Urban Studies
  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Political Science
  • Marketing
  • Physical or Biological Science

Are You Interested in Joining Us?

Please search for open statistician positions at the U.S. Census Bureau on USAJobs.


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