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Field Representative (CT, NJ, NY)


POSITION: Field Representative

ISSUE DATE: January 1, 2022

CLOSING DATE: December 31, 2022

SALARY RANGE: GG-0303-04:  ($15.47 – $26.15) per hour


DUTY LOCATION:  Applicants selected for this position will have their home as their Duty Station and will be required to travel throughout their local area on a routine basis

WHO MAY APPLY: External – All U.S. Citizens who have a physical residence within the area of consideration listed below when applying.

PROMOTION POTENTIAL: The full promotion potential for this position is to the Grade 5.

AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Applications will be accepted from all sources within the following geographic area(s):

  • New Jersey
    • FSA 7854 – NE Jersey Shore
    • FSA 7855 – Trenton, New Brunswick
    • FSA 7856 – Somerville, West Jersey
    • FSA 7857 – Greater Newark
    • FSA 7858 – Greater Hudson County
    • FSA 7859 – Paterson, NE Jersey
    • FSA 7860 – Morristown, NW Jersey
  • Connecticut:  All Counties/All FSAs
  • New York
    • FSA 7155 – Central Long Island
    • FSA 7156 – Eastern Long Island

HOW TO APPLY: Interested applicants may apply by completing the following:

  • A Census Employment Inquiry (BC-170)
  • Additional Applicant Information (BC-171)
  • Assessment (BC-172)

Applicants should reach out to the Regional Office in order to receive an application package containing the three forms listed above. The three forms should be filled out in their entirety and mailed back to the Regional Office using the pre-postmarked envelope included in the application package.

Contact the Regional Office at to request an application package. Completed application packages must be submitted to:

Bureau of the Census

NEW YORK Regional Office

32 OLD SLIP 9th floor

New York, NY 10005

Attention: Recruiting

For more information on this vacancy, call Recruiting at 212-584-3495.


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