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Mixed Tour Program

The Census Bureau uses the mixed tour program to supplement the support staff workforce. The Mixed-Tour Program operates as a temporary personnel service and is designed to allow the agency to fill short-term clerical needs, based on the agency’s fluctuating workloads. Mixed-Tour offers a combination of full-time, part-time and intermittent work schedules which may be changed based on the Census Bureau’s need or at the employee’s request.

  • Mixed-Tour employees are hired as Office Automation Clerks - GS-2, 3, 4
  • The appointment type for Mixed-Tour employees may be Career, Career-Conditional or Temporary in accordance with Office of Personnel Management (OPM) procedures and agency need.
  • Temporary Mixed-Tour employees can be requested for up to six months, if the temporary support is needed beyond the original six months, a formal request must be submitted to the Mixed-Tour office.
  • Managers may request a Mixed-Tour employee by electronically completing a Mixed-Tour Request (BC-1880) and forwarding it to the Mixed-Tour office for processing.
  • Customer Satisfactory Survey (BC- 1881) must be completed within three days after the assignment has ended. Please complete and send the form to the Mixed-Tour office within three days.
  • Early Termination of Assignment (BC-1882) is used when a Mixed-Tour employee is released before the assignment has ended. This form must be completed within three days after returning the Mixed-Tour employee to Human Resources Division.

For more information, contact the Strategic Recruitment & Outreach Branch at 301-763-3371.


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