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Census Veterans

The U.S. Census Bureau HIRES Veterans

Thank you for your service, now let us serve you!

The U.S. Census Bureau is focused on recruiting the best candidates for the jobs available within our organization and rigorously seek out VETERAN candidates preparing to enter the civilian labor force. As a veteran, you should be fully aware of Federal hiring authorities that are specifically in place for the recruiting and placing of veterans in jobs for which they qualify. The information provided below will help you better understand your options and it also encompasses the steps to follow when applying for a job at the U.S. Census Bureau!

We are committed to your continued success as you transition into the civilian labor force.


Non-Competitive (No Public Announcement Requirement)

Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA)

Allows Federal agencies to appoint veterans to positions for which they qualify up to the GS-11 level without competition.  After satisfactorily completing 2 years of service, the veteran will be converted noncompetitively to a career-conditional appointment.

The following veterans (if they received either an honorable or general discharge) may be eligible for this appointment:

  • Disabled veterans;
  • Veterans who served on active duty in the Armed Forces during a war, or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized;
  • Veterans who, while serving on active duty in the Armed Forces, participated in a United States military operation for which an Armed Forces Service Medal was awarded; and
  • Recently separated veterans.

30 Percent or More Disabled Veterans Hiring Authority

Allows Federal agencies to appoint veterans with a compensable service-connected disability of 30% or more without competition. Eligible candidates may be appointed to any position for which they are qualified, at any grade level. An agency may give a noncompetitive temporary appointment of more than 60 days or a term appointment to any eligible veteran. A term appointment is a non-status appointment to a position in the competitive service for a specified period exceeding 2 years and lasting no more than 4 years. Initial appointments are time-limited; however, the individual may be noncompetitively converted to permanent status at any time during the time-limited appointment.

The following may be eligible for this appointment:

  • Retired from active military service with a disability rating of 30 percent or more; or
  • Rated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) within the preceding year as having a compensable service-connected disability of 30 percent of more.


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5 and 10 Point Veterans Preference points (preference eligible veterans)

  • Veterans are given preference points based on pre-determined criteria
  • Preference points are added to veterans scores when competing for positions advertised for the public
  • Preference eligibles who meet the qualification requirements are assessed and placed in the appropriate quality categories—Gold, Silver or Bronze (Best Qualified, Well-Qualified, Qualified...based on score)
  • Preference eligibles who meet the qualification requirements for the position and who have a compensable service-connected disability of at least 10 percent must be listed in the gold category


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Applying through USAJOBS

All federal jobs are posted on USAJOBS. You may search quickly for job postings — by skill, Department component or state. Use the advanced search options on USAJOBS to further expand or refine your search for Department careers. To view all jobs open to preference eligible veterans, select “Yes” under “Applicant Eligibility.”

Applying for non-competitive jobs

In order to be considered for a non-competitive position, please see the lists below of the needed documents and send them to the Selective Placement Program at  In some cases, a college/university transcript may be needed for a position, so please send transcripts if you have completed a higher level of education level after high school.


What documents are needed to apply?

VRA Applications

  • Resume
  • DD-214
  • VA Letter (if applicable)
  • SF-15 (if applicable)
  • SF-50 (if applicable)
  • Transcripts (if applicable)

30 Percent or More Disabled Veteran Applications

  • Resume
  • DD-214 (REQUIRED)
  • VA Letter (REQUIRED)
  • SF-15 (REQUIRED)
  • SF-50 (if applicable)
  • Transcripts (if applicable)


What happens next?


Once we have received your documents, we will notify you by email that your information has been added to our database of Schedule A and Veteran applicants.  Should we require any additional information, we will contact you.

Over the next twelve months, we will share your resume with managers seeking applicants with your experience and qualifications.


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Have More Questions?

For more information, please visit the Veterans FAQ page for the Department of Commerce.

Or contact us at


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