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The 2020 Census, Next Steps and a Heartfelt Thanks. Read More.

Service Based Enumeration/Targeted Non-Sheltered Outdoor Locations


Dora Durante, Decenial Management Division
Louis Avenilla, Field Division

Component ID: #ti1029480155

2010 Census Update (Post April 1 Activities)


Louis Avenilla, Field Division
Hilda Dimmock, Field Division
Elizabeth Poehler, Decennial Statistical Studies Division

Component ID: #ti1029480154

DADS II Development Project Update


Jeff Sisson, DACMO
Robert Chestnut, DSCMO

Component ID: #ti1029480153

Census Coverage Measurement and Demographic Analysis


Tom Mule, DSSD
Jason Devine, POP

Component ID: #ti1029480152

American Community Survey
(General update including FY11 ACS budget initiative, 5 year data release, Sub county controls, GQ controls, and Reliability indicator)


Todd Hughes, ACSO
Debbie Griffin, ACSO
Mark Asiala, DSSD
Michael Beaghen, DSSD

Component ID: #ti1029480151

2010 Census Advertising Campaign Update
Take 10/Road Tour/Census in Schools Update


Raul Cisneros, C2PO

Component ID: #ti1029480148

American Community Survey Update


Mark Asiala, DSSD
Eddie Castro, DSSD

Component ID: #ti1029480150

LED Update (On the Map version 4)


Matthew Graham, CES

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