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The 2020 Census, Next Steps and a Heartfelt Thanks. Read More.

Remarks from the Director


Dr. Robert Groves, Director

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Conversation with the Associate Director for Communications


Steven Jost

Component ID: #ti1718947588

2020 Census Planning and SDC/CIC/FSCPE Networks Involvement


Frank Vitrano, Associate Director for 2020 Census

Component ID: #ti1718947586

ACS Program Updates: data release plans, internet test, issues with Margins of Error, proposed procedures for Group Quarters imputation, new county and sub-county estimates


James Treat, Chief, American Community Survey Office
Anthony Tersine, Assistant Division Chief for ACS Survey Methods, Decennial Statistical Studies Division
Karen King, Branch Chief for ACS Variance Estimation and Statistical Support, Decennial Statistical Studies Division
Mark Asiala, Branch Chief, ACS Estimation, Decennial Statistical Studies Division
Tori Velkoff, Assistant Division Chief for Population Estimates and Projections, Population Division

Component ID: #ti1718947585

Geographic Support System (GSS) Discussion (MAF Update Plans – updating GQ in MAF and Housing Unit updates)


Tim Trainor, Chief, Geography Division

Component ID: #ti1718947582

CLMSO Call Center Tips/Observations and SDC/CIC/FSCPE panel providing feedback on new AFF Deployment


Mike Berning, Assistant Branch Chief, Customer Services Branch, Customer Liaison and Marketing Services Office

Component ID: #ti1718947584

Geography Update/Discussion (PUMA Delineation Training Plans, Urban Areas Final Criteria, and TIGER Update Schedule)


Michael Ratcliffe, Asst. Division Chief, Geocartographic Products and Criteria, Geography Division

Component ID: #ti1718947587

Governments Division Partnership Activities with SDCs


Lisa Blumerman, Chief, Governments Division
Christoper Pece, Assistant Division Chief, Governments Division
Kimberly P Moore, Assistant Chief for Recurring Programs, Governments Division

Component ID: #ti1718947583

Rural Statistical Areas Project Update


Nancy Torrieri, ACSO
Dave Raglin, Survey Statistician, ACSO

Component ID: #ti1718947581

Special Tabulations (CTPP and Migration Flows by Characteristics) Discussion


Brian McKenzie, Analyst, Journey to Work and Migration Statistics Branch, Housing and Household Economic Statistics
Alison Fields, Chief, Journey to Work and Migration Statistics Branch, Housing and Household Economic Statistics
Bob Kominski, Assistant Chief, Social Characteristics, Housing and Household Economic Statistics

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