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The 2020 Census, Next Steps and a Heartfelt Thanks. Read More.

Special Tabulations Update


Alison Fields, Chief, Journey-To-Work and Migration Statistics Branch

Component ID: #ti191081415

Update on the 2012 Economic Census


Charles Brady, Chief, Customer and Respondent Outreach Branch, Economic Planning and Coordination Division
Andrew Hait, Census Tabulation and Macro Processing Team, Economic Planning and Coordination Division

Component ID: #ti1591258518

Geographic Support System Initiative


Gregory Hanks, Assistant Division Chief for Geographic Partnerships, Geography Division

Component ID: #ti191081419

Local Update of Census Addresses


Brian Timko, Tribal/Local Geographic Partnerships Branch, Geography Division

Component ID: #ti191081420

Urban and Rural Definitions


Michael Ratcliffe, Assistant Division Chief for Geocartographic Products and Criteria, Geography Division

Component ID: #ti191081416

Alternative Questionnaire Experiment


Nicholas Jones, Chief, Racial Statistics Branch, Population Division
Roberto Ramirez, Chief, Ethnicity and Ancestry Branch, Population Division

Component ID: #ti191081417

Census Bureau Website Update


Alexandra Figueroa, Assistant Branch Chief, Web and Social Media Branch, Center for New Media and Promotions

Component ID: #ti191081418

American Community Survey Updates


Tasha Boone, Assistant Division Chief for Project Coordination, Communication and Data User Support, American Community Survey Office

Component ID: #ti191081421

Foreign Born Population Presentation


Elizabeth Grieco, Chief, Foreign Born Population Branch, Population Division

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