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Joint Sessions

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2020 Census Integrated Communications Contract


Laura Sewell, Contract Manager, 2020 Census Integrated Communications Office

Introduction to Team Y&R 

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The New Mid-Eastern North African Classification


Merarys Rios, Chief, Ethnicity and Ancestry Branch

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The DDS Program


Tomás Encarnación, Chief, Data Dissemination Branch

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CEDSCI is Moving Forward


Robert Chestnut, Assistant Division Chief, Center for Enterprise Dissemination Services and  Consumer Innovation

Russell Lyons, Senior Interaction Designer, Accenture Federal Services Digital Studio

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2017 Economic Census and Promoting It to Businesses


Charles Brady, Chief, Respondent Outreach and Promotion Branch, Economic Management Division

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State Data Center Sessions

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Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS)


Michael Clements, Supervisory Geographer, Spatial Data Collection and Products Branch, Geography Division

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Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP)


Joshua Coutts, Geographer, Geography Division

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James Whitehorne, Chief, Census Redistricting & Voting Rights Data Office

pdf   Redistricting   [1.5 MB]
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Rural Area Statistics


Michael Ratcliffe, Assistant Division Chief, Geographic Standards, Criteria, Research, and Quality Geography Division

Jeff Sisson, Assistant Division Chief, American Community Survey Office

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Update on the Reorganization of the Economic Division and How to Promote the use of International Trade Data to all States


Omari Wooden, Assistant Division Chief, Trade Outreach and Regulations, International Trade Management Division

Kyle Vezina, Survey Statistician, Economic Indicators Division

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Census Information Centers

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How can the CICs assist with the Under Count of Children


Scott Konicki, Team Leader for Children Undercount Research Ream, Decennial Statistician Studies Division

Eric Jensen, Sr Technical Expert for Demographic Analysis, Population Division

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