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The 2020 Census, Next Steps and a Heartfelt Thanks. Read More.

Conversation with Executive Staff


Nancy Potok, Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer

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Update on the ACS Content Review Process


Gary Chappell, Project Coordination, Communication and Data User Support Branch, American Community survey Office

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PIO Editorial Calendar


Jennifer Smits, Media Relations, Public Information Office

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Employment Data Refresher (CBP, QCEW, CPS, ACS, and others)


Andy Hait, Data Product and Data User Liaison Branch, Economic Planning and Coordination Division
Erika McEntarfer, Longitudinal-Employer Household Dynamics Program Center for Economic Studies
Alfred Gottschalck, Labor Force Statistics Branch, Social, Economic and Housing Statistics Division

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Accessing ACS PUMS Data


Timothy Gilbert, Data Analysis and User Education Branch, American Community Survey Office

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Update on the 2020 Census


Kevin Deardorff, Decennial Management Division

pdf   2020 Census Updates   [<1.0 MB]
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Using Maps to Understand Your Constituents


Howard Shih, Asian American Federation of New York

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Census Data for Indian Country


Amber Ebarb, National Congress of American Indians

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SDC Clearinghouse Site Presentation


Mary Craigle, Census and Economic Information Center, Montana Department of Commerce

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