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2015 - 2016 Steering Committee


Todd Graham (Minnesota) - Chair

  • Tree States AL, AZ, FL, MN, MT, NM, OR, PA, TN, WI

Dan Veroff (Wisconsin) - Vice Chair

  • Tree States CT, GA, KY, ME, VA, VT, WI (lead)


Allen Barnes (Arizona) - Liaison to CIC Steering Committee

  • Tree States AS, CO, I, MI, MS, RI

Gregg Bell (Alabama)

  • Tree States AL, AK, HI, IA, NE, UT, WY

Pam Schenker (Florida)

  • Tree States DC, FL, MD, NH, VI, WV

Melissa Stefanini (Tenessee) - Co-Secretary

  • Tree States LA, MT, NC, OH, PR, TX

Suzan Reagan (New Mexico)

  • Tree States AR, MO, NJ, NM, NY, OK, SC

Charles Rynerson (Oregon) - Co-Secretary

  • Tree States CA, GU, IL, KS, MP, WA

Jennifer Shultz (Pennsylvania)

  • Tree States DE, ID, MA, NV, ND, PA (Lead), SD

The SDC Steering Committee holds their monthly conference call the second Tuesday of the month. If there is a particular issue or question you have that you would like for the Committee to discuss, please contact the steering committee member assigned to your Tree State. 


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