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Random Samplings Blog
New Experimental Products Designed with the AIAN Community in Mind
We’re committed to reflecting an accurate portrait of our nation, and our success depends on delivering statistics that address the needs of all our data users.

Random Samplings Blog
Understanding Hard-to-Count and Historically Undercounted Populations
In a world driven by data, accurate population counts form the foundation for informed decision-making.

Director's Blog
Research Will Help Enumerate Undercounted People in the 2030 Census
The Census Bureau conducts research to develop better methods to reach and collect data from the historically hard to count.

Random Samplings Blog
Examining the Racial and Ethnic Diversity of Adults and Children
The 2020 Census shows the overall U.S. population in 2020 was more racially and ethnically diverse than it was a decade earlier.

Director's Blog
Valuable New Datasets on Race and Ethnicity From the U.S. Census Bureau
During my tenure as director of the U.S. Census Bureau, I have met with hundreds of users of Census Bureau data across America.

Director's Blog
Thinking Differently About Perpetuating Excellence
It’s been a busy few weeks since my swearing-in as the 26th director of the U.S. Census Bureau! I’ve enjoyed a four-week tenure and continue to be in “learning mode.”

Director's Blog
Advancing Equity With Census Bureau Data
The Census Bureau has an ongoing commitment to producing data that depict an accurate portrait of America, including its underserved communities.

Random Samplings Blog
Measuring Racial and Ethnic Diversity for the 2020 Census
Later this month, the U.S. Census Bureau plans to release the first results from the 2020 Census on race and ethnicity.

Press Releases

Press Release
La mayoría de los estadounidenses habla solamente inglés en la casa
Más de tres cuartos de la población de 5 años o más hablaban solo inglés en la casa, según las estimaciones de 5 años de la Encuesta sobre la Comunidad Estadoun

Press Release
Most Americans Speak Only English at Home or Speak English “Very Well”
Over three-quarters (78.3%) of the nation age 5 and older spoke only English at home, according to newly released 2018-2022 ACS, 5-Year Estimates.

Press Release
Three-Quarters of Children 6 Years or Younger Live With Two Parents
Census Bureau releases new estimates on America’s Families and Living Arrangements.

Se proyecta que la población de EE. UU. comience a disminuir en la segunda mitad del siglo
Se proyecta que la población de los EE. UU. llegue a casi 370 millones en el 2080, antes de reducirse a 366 millones en el 2100.

Press Release
U.S. Population Projected to Begin Declining in Second Half of Century
The U.S. population is projected to reach a high of nearly 370 million in 2080 before edging downward to 366 million in 2100.

Press Release
Virtual Workshop: Advancing Research on Race, Ethnicity and Inequality
The U.S. Census Bureau is scheduled to hold a virtual workshop on Advancing Research on Race, Ethnicity and Inequality Nov. 14-15, 2023.

Press Release
New Data on Minority-Owned, Veteran-Owned and Women-Owned Businesses
According to the 2022 Annual Business Survey (ABS), which covers reference year 2021, there were approximately 5.9 million employer firms in total.

Press Release
2022 State-to-State Migration Flows Statistics Now Available
The U.S. Census Bureau today released new state-level statistics on geographic mobility and place of birth in 2022.

Press Release
CONFIRMED DATE: Embargo of New Population Projections for the Nation
The U.S. Census Bureau will offer a two-day embargo period to allow media members access to the 2023 National Population Projections.

Press Release
La Oficina del Censo lanza nuevas proyecciones de población
La Oficina del Censo de EE. UU. ofrecerá un período de dos días para que los miembros de los medios accedan a las Proyecciones de población para 2023.

Press Release
New Data on Field of Degree by Earnings Now Available
A new Earnings by Field of Degree table package providing detailed data on field of bachelor’s degree and median earnings

Press Release
Response to Public Submissions to the 2030 Federal Register Notice
The U.S. Census Bureau today announced how it is addressing public suggestions for 2030 Census research plans.

Press Release
Census Bureau Releases New 2020 Census Data on Age, Sex, Race, Hispanic Origin, Households and Housing
The next round of 2020 Census data are available, adding more detail to the population counts and basic demographic and housing statistics previously released.

Press Release
Datos del Censo del 2020: edad, sexo, origen hispano y más
Nuevos datos del Censo del 2020 sobre edad, sexo, raza, origen hispano, parentesco y vivienda

Press Release
Census Bureau Releases Nonemployer Business Data by Demographic Characteristics of Owners
Women owned 41.1% of the nation’s businesses without paid employees and had $313.6 billion in receipts in 2019, according to the latest NES-D.

Press Release
New Business Ownership Data Hub
A one-stop shop for its economic surveys that measure demographic data for businesses and business owners.

Press Release
Census Data Equity Initiative for Underserved Communities
The U.S. Census Bureau today announced the Census Data Equity Initiative for Underserved Communities.

Press Release
Census Bureau Releases New Community Resilience Estimates Data Equity
In an easy-to-use dashboard, this new tool pulls together existing data to measure social vulnerability and equity gaps at the community level.

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