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Evidence Act Phases and Action Items

Phase 1: Learning Agendas, Personnel, and Planning - Action Items

  • Learning Agendas 

  • Chief Data Officers 

  • Evaluation Officer 

  • Statistical Officials 

  • Agency Data Governance Boards 

  • Chief Data Officer Council 

  • Evaluation Officer Council 

  • Interagency Council on Statistical Policy 

  • Agency Evaluation Plans 

  • Capacity Assessments 

  • Open Data Plans



Phase 2: Open Data Access and Management – Action Items

  • Make Data Open by Default 

  • Comprehensive Data Inventory 

  • Federal Data Catalogue 

  • Repository of Tools and Best Practices



Phase 3: Data Access for Statistical Purposes – Action Items

  • Make Agency Data Assets Available to Statistical Units 

  • Expand Users’ Secure Access to Data Assets through Statistical Units 

  • Standardize Application Process for Accessing Data Assets 

  • Codify Statistical Unit Responsibilities



Phase 4: Program Evaluation – Action Items

Status: In Progress

Follow OMB Guidance on program evaluation standards and capacity building 



Ongoing Implementation and Reporting

  • Budget Cycles 

  • Information Resource Management Plans 

  • Performance Plans 

  • Strategic Plans 

  • Federal Data Strategy Annual Action Plans 

  • Biennial Report 

  • Statistical Programs Annual Report 

  • Regulatory Planning 

  • Information Collection Review




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