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American Community Survey

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ACS Data Tables on American FactFinder

Below you will find a brief description of the American Community Survey data tables (or "data products") that can found on American FactFinder. The links will bring you to a search results page pre-filtered for the ACS program, a product type, and a dataset. From the search results page you can further filter by keywords and geographies.

Data Profiles
Provide statistics on social, economic, housing, and demographic characteristics for a selected geography giving a comprehensive view of a particular geography.

Data Profiles (all years, all datasets)

Subject Tables
Similar to data profiles but include more detailed ACS data, classified by subject.

Subject Tables (all years, all datasets)

Detailed Tables
Provide access to the most detailed ACS data and cross tabulations of ACS variables.

Detailed Tables (all years, all datasets)

Supplemental Tables
Simplified Detailed Tables that provide access to the most recent ACS data at a lower population threshold than the standard 1-year Detailed Tables. Available for selected geographies with 20,000 people or more.

Supplemental Estimates (all years)

Geographic Comparison Tables
Compare geographic areas other than states (e.g., counties or congressional districts) for key variables.

Geographic Comparison Tables (all years, all datasets)

Selected Population Profiles
Provide broad social, economic, and housing profiles for a large number of race, ethnic, ancestry, and country/region of birth groups. Available for 1-year and 3-year estimates.

Selected Population Profile (all years, all datasets)

Comparison Profiles
Provide detailed demographic, social, economic and housing data about a selected geography over several years to help users identify trends and patterns over time.

Comparison Profiles (all years, all datasets)

Ranking Tables
Provide state rankings of estimates across 86 key variables. Available for 1-year estimates only.

Ranking Tables (all years)

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