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Data Product Descriptions

Key ACS Data Products
Data Product Description
Data profiles Provide broad social, economic, housing, and demographic profiles.
Narrative profiles Summarize the information in the data profiles using concise, nontechnical text.
Selected population profiles Provide broad social, economic, and housing profiles for a large number of race, ethnic, ancestry, and country/region of birth groups.
Ranking tablesProvide state rankings of estimates across 86 key variables.
Subject tables Similar to data profiles but include more detailed ACS data, classified by subject.
Detailed tablesProvide access to the most detailed ACS data and crosstabulations of ACS variables.
Geographic comparison tablesCompare geographic areas other than states (e.g., counties or congressional districts) for key variables.
Thematic mapsInteractive, online maps that can be used to display ACS data.
Custom tablesAllow the user to extract specific rows of data from the ACS detailed tables.
Summary filesProvide access to the detailed tables through a series of comma-delimited text files on the Census Bureau’s FTP site <>.
Public Use Microdata Sample filesProvide access to ACS microdata for data users with SAS and SPSS software experience.

* Note: Data will be available for local areas and small population subgroups with the release of 3-year and 5-year estimates.

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