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American Indian and Alaska Native

Census 2000 Data for 539 Tribes

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Total Population
Housing Occupancy
Owners and Renters (Tenure)
Educational Attainment
Grandparents as Caregivers
Language Spoken at Home
Marital Status
Nativity and Place of Birth
Region of Foreign Born
Residence in 1995
School Enrollment
Veteran Status
Commuting to Work
Class of Worker
Employment Status
Income in 1999
Poverty Status in 1999
House Heating Fuel
Mortgage Status and Value
Occupants per Room
Plumbing/Kitchen Facilities
Telephone Service
Units in Structure
Year Structure Built
Year Householder Move into Unit
Vehicles Available

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When you click 'Go', two tables will display for the U.S. for the tribe alone, and for the tribe alone and in combination. Use the links at the top of the result page to select other Geographies, Tables, and Tribes (Population Groups).


Getting more data

View a list of all tables in the Census 2000 AIAN Summary File.

About the data

The American Indian and Alaska Native Summary File (AIANSF) presents population and housing data collected on a sample basis from both the Census 2000 long form questionnaire (PDF - 627 KB) and the short form (PDF - 424 KB).

  • General, social, economic, and housing tables in this file are repeated for the:
    • total population
    • total American Indian and Alaska Native population
    • total American Indian population
    • total Alaska Native population
    • for 1,081 additional specified American Indian and Alaska Native tribes
  • Tables are repeated only if a specific population threshold is met.
    • The population for the particular iteration in a specific geographic area must be at least 100 people (based on a 100-percent count) of the specified population and include at least 50 unweighted sample cases.
    • This threshold is based on respondents who reported only one tribe.
  • The lowest geographic level is state.
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Source: U.S. Census Bureau | American Indian and Alaska Native | 301-763-INFO (4636) | Last Revised: June 15, 2015