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 The population of Guam on April 1, 2000 was 154,805.

   10-Percent Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) Files - released 4/30/03

Census 2000 file containing individual census records for a sample of 10 percent of Guam's population and housing units.
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Technical Documentation (DRAFT)
- Contents and Chapter 1 (MSWord)
- Chapter 2 (MSWord )
- Chapter 3 (MSWord )
- Chapters 4 and 5 (MSWord )
- Chapter 6 (MSWord )
- Chapter 7 (MSWord )
- Appendix A-G (MSWord )
- Appendix F [PDF ]
- Appendix H (Excel )
- Record layout (Excel )
- Final indexes (Excel )

   Summary File- released 12/20/02

The summary file for Guam contains data on basic  demographic, social, economic and housing characteristics compiled from the items on the questionnaire used for the Census 2000 in Guam.
Data:   Access to all tables and maps in American FactFinder
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Documentation:   Guam Summary File Technical Documentation (PDF 4M)

   Demographic Profiles - released 2/7/02

Data:   Population and Housing Profile: 2000
(Full Profile)  PDF (1M) | Excel (2.1M)
(State Level)  PDF (29k) | Excel (761k)
News Release:   Census Bureau Releases Census 2000 Demographic Profile for Guam
Documentation:   Pacific Islands Profile Subject Definitions (PDF 67k)
User Update 1 (PDF 15k)

   Census 2000 Population Counts - released 7/03/01

News Release:   Census Bureau Releases Census 2000 Population Counts for Guam

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