Synthetic Longitudinal Business Database (SynLBD)

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Analytic Validity

Analytic Validity

  • Establishments in the SynLBD are fully synthesized using statistical models
  • The SynLBD contains no data from actual establishments
  • Comparison at the establishment level shows SynLBD data differ substantially from the actual data
  • Modeling preserves variable relationships while protecting establishment identity
  • The SynLBD has not been fully validated
    • Relationships between SynLBD variables may not correspond to the relationships in the underlying confidential microdata
    • Validating all possible relationships between SynLBD variables has not been feasible

SynLBD Disclaimer

  • Unless validated, there is no guarantee results from the SynLBD reflect results from the underlying confidential data
  • Researchers are strongly encouraged to request result validation prior to publishing results based on the SynLBD
  • Validation:
    • Is part of an internal Census Bureau process to improve current beta data products
    • Is free, as resources permit
    • Follows established protocol

 What is Synthetic  Data?

Data that replicates the structure and statistical properties of the original confidential dataset, without using original content.

 What is the BDS?

The Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) is a public–use data set of annual aggregate statistics describing establishment openings and closings, firm startups, job creation and destruction by firm size, age, industrial sector, and state.

 What is the

The Virtual RDC provides access to public–use data products and a computing environment that mirrors the Census Bureau RDCs.

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