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Center for Economic Studies (CES)

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Acronyms and Definitions

A – C    |    D – P    |    Q – Z   
Acronym Full Name
ACE (or ACES) Annual Capital Expenditures Survey
ACS American Community Survey
ADR2P Request to Add Researcher Form
ADRF Account and Data Request Form
AES Assets and Expenditures Survey
AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
AHS American Housing Survey
ARTS Annual Retail Trade Survey
ASM Annual Survey of Manufacturers
AUX Auxiliary Establishment
AWTS Annual Wholesale Trade Survey
BDS Business Dynamics Statistics
BES Business Expenditures Survey (same as Business Expenses Supplement)
BR Business Register (same as SSEL)
BRB Business Register Bridge
BRDIS Business Research & Development and Innovation Survey
CARRA Center for Administrative Records Research and Applications
CCN Census of Construction Industries
CES Center for Economic Studies
CFI Census of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate
CFS Commodity Flow Survey
CIAPR Census of Island Areas – Puerto Rico
CIR Current Industrial Reports
CMF Census of Manufactures
CMI Census of Mining
COS Company Organization Survey
CPS Current Population Survey March Supplement
CRT Census of Retail Trade
CSB Compustat–SSEL Bridge
CSR Census of Services
CUT Census of Transportation, Communications, and Utilities
CWH Census of Wholesale Trade

Acronym Full Name
ECF Employer Characteristics File
EDB Exporter Database
EHF Employment History Files
ESR Enterprise Summary Report
EXP Foreign Trade Data – Export
GAL Geo–coded Address List
ICF Individual Characteristics File
ILBD Integrated Longitudinal Business Database
IMP Foreign Trade Data – Import
LBD Longitudinal Business Database
LED Local Employment Dynamics
LEHD Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics
LFTTD Longitudinal Firm Trade Transaction Database
MEC (or MECS) Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey
MEPS–IC Medical Expenditure Panel Survey – Insurance Component
NAICS North American Industry Classification System
NCHS National Center for Health Statistics
NCVS National Crime Victimization Survey
NES National Employer Survey
NLMS National Longitudinal Mortality Study
NLS National Longitudinal Survey
OCD Ownership Change Database
PACE Survey of Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures
PCU Survey of Plant Capacity Utilization
PII Personally Identifiable Information
PIK Protected Identification Key
PPC Post–Project Certification
PPS Predominant Purpose Statement

Acronym Full Name
QFR Quarterly Financial Report
QPC Quarterly Survey of Plant Capacity Utilization
QWI Quarterly Workforce Indicators
RDC Reseach Data Center
RHB Researcher Handbook
SAS Service Annual Survey
SBO Survey of Business Owners
SEHSD Social, Economic, and Housing Statistics Division
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SIRD Survey of Industrial Research and Development
SIPP Survey of Income and Program Participation
SMT Survey of Manufacturing Technology
SSEL (or SSL) Standard Statistical Establishment List
SSS Special Sworn Status
SynLBD Synthetic Longitudinal Business Database
T13 Title 13 U.S. Code
T26 Title 26 U.S. Code
TC Thin Client
TCUG Thin Client User Guide
U2W Unit to Worker
UPD User Provided Data

 What are Microdata?

Microdata are data at the level of the establishment, firm, individual, or household that are collected through census and survey programs.

 What is the

The Virtual RDC provides access to public use data products and a computing environment that mirrors the Census RDCs.

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