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The 2012 Statistical Abstract

The National Data Book

The 2012 Statistical Abstract:  PDF Version

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Section Table Numbers/
Page Numbers
Section 1. Population 1-77
Section 2. Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Divorces 78-133
Section 3. Health and Nutrition 134-218
Section 4. Education 219-305
Section 5. Law Enforcement, Courts, and Prisons 306-357
Section 6. Geography and Environment 358-396
Section 7. Elections 397-427
Section 8. State and Local Government Finances and Employment 428-468
Section 9. Federal Government Finances and Employment 469-502
Section 10. National Security and Veterans Affairs 503-537
Section 11. Social Insurance and Human Services 538-585
Section 12. Labor Force, Employment, and Earnings 586-666
Section 13. Income, Expenditures, Poverty, and Wealth 667-723
Section 14. Prices 724-743
Section 15. Business Enterprise 744-798
Section 16. Science and Technology 799-822
Section 17. Agriculture 823-878
Section 18. Forestry, Fishing, and Mining 879-922
Section 19. Energy and Utilities 923-960
Section 20. Construction and Housing 961-1006
Section 21. Manufactures 1007-1041
Section 22. Wholesale and Retail Trade 1042-1062
Section 23. Transportation 1063-1127
Section 24. Information and Communications 1128-1161
Section 25. Banking, Finance, and Insurance 1162-1227
Section 26. Arts, Recreation, and Travel 1228-1271
Section 27. Accommodation, Food Services, and Other Services 1272-1285
Section 28. Foreign Commerce and Aid 1286-1312
Section 29. Puerto Rico and the Island Areas 1313-1328
Section 30. International Statistics 1329-1406
Appendix I. Guide to Sources of Statistics 877-891
Appendix I. Guide to State Statistical Abstracts 892-895
Appendix I. Guide to Foreign Statistical Abstracts 896-897
Appendix II. Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas: Concepts, Components, and Population 898-918
Appendix III. Limitations of the Data 919-945
Appendix IV. Weights and Measures 946
Appendix V. Tables Deleted From Earlier Editions of the Statistical Abstract 947-948
Index 949-1004
Map of the United States, Showing Census Regions and Divisions Cover
Acknowledgments ii
Preface v-vi
Contents vii-x
New Tables xi-xii
Guide to Tabular Presentation xiii-xiv
Telephone and Internet Contacts xv-xvii
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