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New Residential Sales

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CIDR Database

New Home Sales Notes

The data in this database may not immediately reflect the data in the most recent New Residential Sales press release. However, all available data are accessible through the New Residential Sales web page, which also has the release schedule.

All data are for privately-owned, single-family housing units.

Recent estimates are subject to revision, based upon the revision schedule.

Additional historic data on new houses sold and for sale are on the New Residential Sales web page, including quarterly data for selected characteristics. Additional annual data on characteristics of new housing units are available on the Characteristics of New Housing web page. Price indexes for new houses sold are available on the Construction Price Indexes web page.

Estimates of sampling variability are presented as relative standard errors (RSEs). RSEs are the average of the latest 6-month period. RSEs are not available for data prior to 1999, but should be comparable to those for more recent time periods.

For information on the compilation and reliability of these estimates, see the Survey of Construction Methodology.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau | New Residential Sales | (301) 763-5160 |  Last Revised: November 30, 2022