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Home and Distance Learning Activities

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Many parents and other adults taking care of children in their homes are looking for ways to continue their learning and keep them engaged.  The U.S. Census Bureau can help with our Statistics in Schools program, which offers over 200 free learning activities and resources for children in pre-K through 12th grade that can easily be used at home.  Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn together about your country, state and local community.

Parent/Caregiver Toolkits

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Our toolkits make it easier than ever for parents and caregivers to use SIS resources and activities. Everything you need to get started is in one place, including tips, best practices and instruction on how to use and adapt SIS materials for your child’s needs.

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Resources and Materials

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Raise your childrens’ 2020 Census awareness and enthusiasm by showing them the video best suited to their ages and grade levels, from pre-K through high school. Each video explains the value of census data and why it's important for everyone to be counted, and features engaging and interactive content that can be used to support other Statistics in Schools activities.

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Fun Facts

Fun Facts are student-friendly handouts that tie statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau to holidays, anniversaries, and other observances. These fact sheets are designed to be used at varying grade levels and across different subjects.

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Warm Up Activities

Jump-start your child’s day with these activities. Each one takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, demonstrates the value of data, and inspires discussion about a specific subject.

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State Facts for Students

Bring data close to home by helping students collect, analyze, and compare kid-friendly information about their own state.  Students can examine data about kids their age, as well as a variety of other facts selected to appeal to young students.

Build on their learning experience by challenging them to complete an activity that uses this data tool.

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Test Your Knowledge

Play the Population Bracketology Game and test your knowledge of population data! Start by choosing your geographic level: metro areas or states. Click on the name in each match-up that you think has the larger population.

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The Census and the Constitution

The census is mandated by the U.S. Constitution and has happened every 10 years beginning in 1790.  Check out this whole suite of resources to help students understand the constitutional mandate on counting the population and on apportioning seats in the House of Representatives.

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Response Rates – Who is Answering the Census?

The 2020 Census is in full swing. Students and their families can join in from home by using the response rate map to explore how many people are responding to the 2020 Census in their community. The map is updated daily.

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“Everyone Counts” Story and Activity Book

Keep your preschoolers engaged with this playful activity-filled book which explains the 2020 Census and the importance of counting everyone.

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Activities for Every Grade

Explore these teacher-designed activities for students in pre-K through 12th grade that are easy to adapt for at-home learning. The teacher version for each activity comes with specific, easy-to-follow instructions that make it easy for parents and caregivers to use it.

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