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Current Population Survey (CPS)

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Reviewing and Revising the Data

While some edits are built into the data collection instrument, others are performed after the case has been transferred from the interviewer to the central computer. Imputations are made for missing and inconsistent data items. The textual responses to questions on industry and occupation are transmitted to Jeffersonville, Indiana, where staff perform a computerized coding operation and transmit the resulting codes back to the central computer.

In addition, the responses to several questions may be used to create new variables. For example, within the data collection instrument, labor force status (employed, unemployed, or not in the labor force) is derived from responses to several questions. During post-interview processing, employed persons are classified as being full or part time.

The final step in preparing the database is the assignment of a series of weights, both to households and each person. The final CPS weight is used to produce basic demographic and labor force estimates. The weights are a function of the probability of selection and reflect any needed subsampling, nonresponse adjustment, and post-stratified ratio adjustment to population control totals. Further editing, imputation, coding, and weighting are performed if there is a supplement. However, none of this additional processing will affect the information collected or derived from the labor force portion of the CPS interview.

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