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The U.S. Census Bureau will release a new version of the International Data Base web interface in the near future. This upgrade will introduce new tools and features as well as a new look and feel for the IDB. You may need to update bookmarks after this release.

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International Data Base

Last Updated: December 2019

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Release Notes

Note: For the Components of Population Growth, Mortality Indicators by Sex, and Fertility Rates reports, if the data contain NAs, the "TOTAL FOR SELECTED REGION" table may appear out of order.

Note: The International Data Base is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

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In each of the multi-select boxes above, you may select one or more options by pressing CTRL and clicking on the different options. Pressing CTRL and clicking on a selected option unselects that option. You may also use the Arrow keys to navigate with CTRL and the Space Bar to select/unselect options.

Find the countries and areas with the largest total population for any year in the database from 1950 to 2050.

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Rank Country Of Area Population
For help in using the International Data Base (IDB), please click here.
Click here for map interface access to IDB data.
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