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Last updated on IDB: December 2019
Base Population
Item Base year Data source Data collection years Notes Ref. No.
Base Population 1991 official estimate 1991-92 Interpolated population based on successive January 1 official population estimates; adjusted under age 10 to be consistent with estimated fertility and mortality and moved to midyear. 1

Latest Data Used in the Estimates and Projections
Item Reference years Data source Data collection years Notes Ref. No.
Population 2011 official estimate 2011 Census population data by age and sex used to evaluate the estimates and projections. 2
Fertility 2017 vital registration 2019 Registered births by age of mother and total births by sex. 3
Mortality 2017 vital registration 2019 Registered deaths by age and sex. 4
Migration 2017 derived estimate 2017 Based on the difference between intercensal change and natural growth (births minus deaths). Trend based on administrative data adjusted to the intercensal level. 5, 6

Ref. No. Citations
1 Eurostat. 1999. New Cronos Databases (CD-ROM). Luxembourg.
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3 Eurostat. 2019. Live births by mother's age and newborn's sex [demo_magec]. Extracted 2019-08 from: <https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/products-datasets/-/demo_magec>.
4 Eurostat. 2019. Deaths by age and sex [demo_fasec].Extracted 2019-08 from: <https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/products-datasets/-/demo_fasec>.
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