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Last updated on IDB: June 2009
AIDS mortality explicitly modeled? Yes
Base Population
Item Base year Data source Data collection years Notes Ref. No.
Base Population 1980 census 1980 Census population adjusted under age 5 to be consistent with estimated fertility and mortality and moved to midyear. 1

Latest Data Used in the Estimates and Projections
Item Reference years Data source Data collection years Notes Ref. No.
Population 2002 census 2002 Census population data by sex and 5-year age groups used to evaluate the estimates and projections. 2
Fertility 2000-05 survey 2005 Indirect estimate of total fertility rate. 3
Mortality 2000-05 survey 2005 Direct estimate of infant mortality, by sex, for the 5 years prior to the survey and Coale-Demeny West model life tables. 3
Migration 2006 administrative data 2006 Based on destination country migration statistics. Trends based on administrative statistics adjusted to agree with destination country estimates. 4
Latest HIV prevalence data 2006 HIV surveillance 2006 Antenatal clinic sentinel surveillance data. 5
Latest HIV ARV data 2008 official estimate 2008 Official estimates reported to the President's Plan for Emergency AIDS Relief. 6

Ref. No. Citations
1 United Nations Statistics Division. 2000. Demographic Yearbook 1948-1997: Historical Supplement (CD-Rom). Department of Economic and Social Affairs. New York: United Nations.
2 Bureau of Statistics Guyana. 2007. The Co-operative Republic of Guyana, Population and Housing Census 2002, National Census Report. Georgetown.
3 Guyana Ministry of Health, Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association. 2006. Guyana HIV/AIDS Indicator Survey 2005. Georgetown.
4 Migration Policy Institute. 2009. Canada and United States: Stock of foreign-born population by country of birth, various years, 1991 to 2006 and Canada: Inflow of foreign-born population by country of birth, 1990 to 2004. Accessed 3/19/09 at <http://www.migrationinformation.org/datahub/countrydata/data.cfm>.
5 Guyana Ministry of Health. 2006. Guyana HIV Antenatal Care (ANC) Seroprevalence Survey. Summary report. Guyana.
6 U.S. Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator. Internal Country Operational Plan and Reporting System. Accessed 12/19/2008.

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