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Version 3.1
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Version 3.1

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Component ID: #ti83427693

Small Business Edition is primarily for small business owners who need key data for their business plan or to better understand their potential market. It presents data for a single type of business at a time.

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Component ID: #ti83427698

Regional Analyst Edition is primarily for chambers of commerce and regional planning staff who need a broad portrait of the people and businesses in their service area. It presents data for all sectors of the economy and for a user-defined region made up of one or more areas.

Component ID: #ti1465833349

Key Features

  • Easy to use menus and Search tools to select the location you’d like to research and nearly all types of businesses
  • Interactive maps to browse and download data about the selected area and type of businesses
  • A customizable dashboard that includes time series and geographic comparison charts
  • Interactive and downloadable reports (including charts) that can be easily incorporated into your research
  • Optimized for your smartphone or tablet

Component ID: #ti847066874

What's New in Version 3.1

Updated Content:

  • Updated revenue and related data from the 2017 Economic Census
  • Updated annual employer and nonemployer business data from the 2018 County Business Patterns and Nonemployer Statistics programs
  • Updated imports and exports data from the 2019 International Trade report
  • Updated new residential building permits data for 2019 from the Building Permits Survey
  • Updated quarterly labor force data (through 4th quarter 2019) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages
  • Updated quarterly workforce data (through 4th quarter 2019) and new data on Hires by Educational Attainment from the Quarterly Workforce Indicators program

New or Revised Features:

  • Ability to view all cities, ZIP Codes, and Census Tracts within a county on the map
  • Ability to save the dashboard settings in the URL (so bookmarkable)


View flyers that provide an Overview of the Small Business and Regional Analyst Editions of CBB.

Component ID: #ti1627084189


Please email us at with your feedback on the tool, including what you like about it as well as what changes you’d like to see in future versions.

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