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School District Estimates for 1999

The 1999 school district estimate files only contain data - no labels, no table headers, no titles. A description of the contents of the files can be found in the File Layouts section below.

School district estimates posted on this site were revised May 16, 2003, to reflect corrected geographic boundaries for school districts in the following 14 states: Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, and Vermont. Only these states were affected by the revision; the date stamp in the FTP directory, and the date tag within the data files, identify the updated files. This link provides the list of school districts with a population or poverty estimate change.

Additionally, files for three states were updated for corrections to the following district name or ID number : North Carolina (37 37099 Eastern Cherokee Reservation Schools), Pennsylvania (42 15150 Meyersdale Area School District), and Virginia (51 04020 Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools). The population and poverty estimates remain unchanged.

School district population and poverty estimates for income year 1999 were initially released on this site in December, 2002. The school-age population figures in all files were replaced on February 27, 2003. The initial release contained only school-age children in families, instead of all school-age children. On average, the revised counts are larger than those they replace by 3 percent. The February 27, 2003 revision did not affect either the total population or the estimated number of poor school-age children related to the householder.

Estimates by State

ftp Alabama [<1.0 MB]
ftp Alaska [<1.0 MB]
ftp Arizona [<1.0 MB]
ftp Arkansas [<1.0 MB]
ftp California [<1.0 MB]
ftp Colorado [<1.0 MB]
ftp Connecticut [<1.0 MB]
ftp Delaware [<1.0 MB]
ftp Florida [<1.0 MB]
ftp Georgia [<1.0 MB]
ftp Hawaii [<1.0 MB]
ftp Idaho [<1.0 MB]
ftp Illinois [<1.0 MB]
ftp Indiana [<1.0 MB]
ftp Iowa [<1.0 MB]
ftp Kansas [<1.0 MB]
ftp Kentucky [<1.0 MB]
ftp Louisiana [<1.0 MB]
ftp Maine [<1.0 MB]
ftp Maryland [<1.0 MB]
ftp Massachusetts [<1.0 MB]
ftp Michigan [<1.0 MB]
ftp Minnesota [<1.0 MB]
ftp Mississippi [<1.0 MB]
ftp Missouri [<1.0 MB]
ftp Montana [<1.0 MB]
ftp Nebraska [<1.0 MB]
ftp Nevada [<1.0 MB]
ftp New Hampshire [<1.0 MB]
ftp New Jersey [<1.0 MB]
ftp New Mexico [<1.0 MB]
ftp New York [<1.0 MB]
ftp North Dakota [<1.0 MB]
ftp Ohio [<1.0 MB]
ftp Oklahoma [<1.0 MB]
ftp Oregon [<1.0 MB]
ftp Pennsylvania [<1.0 MB]
ftp Rhode Island [<1.0 MB]
ftp South Dakota [<1.0 MB]
ftp Tennessee [<1.0 MB]
ftp Texas [<1.0 MB]
ftp Utah [<1.0 MB]
ftp Vermont [<1.0 MB]
ftp Virginia [<1.0 MB]
ftp Washington [<1.0 MB]
ftp West Virginia [<1.0 MB]
ftp Wisconsin [<1.0 MB]
ftp Wyoming [<1.0 MB]

File Layouts


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