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Transition From American FactFinder

American FactFinder (AFF) was decommissioned and taken offline on March 31, 2020. Data previously released on AFF are now being released on the U.S. Census Bureau's new dissemination platform, Since we are a developing site, not all the data from AFF have been migrated over to Below is an overview of our data migration status that will be updated regularly.

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AFF Data Sets Coming Soon to

Until then, find it here:

American Community Survey:


2010 to 2015 1-Year Selected Population Profiles


Availability Spreadsheet


2011-2015 5-Year Selected Population Tables

2011-2015 5-Year American Indian & Alaska Native 

2010 Decennial Island Areas


2000 Decennial SF2, SF3, SF4, Redistricting Data (PL) and Island Areas


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New Data Sets Coming to

Until then, find it here:

Population and Housing Unit Estimates

API and Program Page

Annual Survey of Manufactures


Public Sector (Govs)


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Older Data Sets Not Available on

Find it Here:

American Community Survey Data Prior to 2010

FTP (Detailed Tables)

Nonemployer Data Prior to 2012


County Business Patterns Prior to 2012


Economic Census Prior to 2012


Economic Census Island Area Prior to 2012


Commodity Flow Survey Prior to 2012

Program Page

2010 EEO


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Products No Longer Available

Quick Tables (QT)

Geographic Comparison Tables (GCT)

Ranking Tables (GRT)

Geographic Header (G001)

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Check out our Deep Link Guide to help migrate your AFF links to links.


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Our Development Depends on Your Feedback

As we continue to develop new functionalities like search by address and advanced printing and download options, please let us know what features are important to you. 

Please send your questions or comments on, Census API, or Microdata Access to



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