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Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates

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School District Estimates for 1995

The 1995 school district estimate files only contain data - no labels, no table headers, no titles. A description of the contents of the files can be found below or in the file "README" in the file directory.

Access the school district data files for 1995

I.    File Organization:

    The files in the FTP directory contain estimates of population and
    poverty for all school districts in the United States as of June 30, 1996. 
    There is one file for each of the states, the District of Columbia, and 
    the entire United States.  Each file has geographical identifiers, 
    including the Department of Education's Common Core of Data (CCD) ID and 
    District name, and estimates of the total population, population of 
    school-age children, and number of poor school-age children related to the 
    head of the household.

II.   File Names

     Two kinds of files are located here:

        1) USSD95.dat           (A large file containing the estimates for
                                 every school district in the Nation)

        2) sd95_[STATE].dat     (Smaller files containing estimates for
                                 every school district in an individual state)

           where [STATE] = standard two-letter postal abbreviations.

III.  Record Layout for Files

      Position   Variable

          1- 2       FIPS State code
          5- 9       CCD District ID
         11-45       District Name
         47-54       Estimated Total Population
         56-63       Estimated Population of Children 5 to 17 years of Age
         65-72       Estimated Number of Poor Children 5 to 17 years
                     of Age who are Related to the Head of Household
         74-93       A tag indicating the file name and date of creation

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates |  Last Revised: April 29, 2013