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The American Artrist series is a collection of posters containing artwork from noted 20th Century American artists. These posters were used to promote awareness of the decennial census.

African American
"Family" by Romare Bearden

Rural America
"School Scene" by J.C. Huntington

Public Libraries
"The Library" by Jacob Lawrence

American Indian
"Buffalo Dance Relief" by Allan Houser

"Camas Para Sueños" by Carmen Lomas Garza

"Branches III" by Hung Liu

Alaska Native
"Raven The Creator" by John Hoover

Puerto Rico
"Plaza San José" by Manuel Hernández Acevedo

Pacific Islander
"The New Quilt" by Herb Kawainui Kane

Northern Mariana Islands
"A Passage to the New World" by Frank S. Palacios & Soo Seon Jeong

American Samoa
"Salute to the Sun-A New Beginning" by Jonathon Woo

"Guam" by Ariel Dimalanta

U.S. Virgin Islands
"Good Day Ladies" by Leo Carty

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Contact: Census 2000 Publicity Office
Created: February 14, 2000
Last Revised: June 14, 2010 at 01:38:52 PM