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Link to Census 2000 Gateway Uses for Questions on the Census 2000 Forms

Federal Legislative and Program Uses
Issued March 1998

Why is answering the census required by law?

  1. Introduction [PDF]
    Includes: Federal Agency Abbreviations, Federal Users of Census Data; and Index to Questions Planned for Census 2000

  2. Basic Facts About Us [PDF]
    Includes: Age*; Gender*; Relationship*; Marital Status; Race*; Hispanic Origin*

  3. Income and Employment [PDF]
    Includes: Income; Labor Force Status; Industry, Occupation, and Class of Worker; Work Status Last Year; Veteran Status

  4. Transportation [PDF]
    Includes: Place of Work and Journey to Work; Vehicles Available

  5. Education [PDF]
    Includes: Education: Enrollment and Attainment

  6. Origins and Languages [PDF]
    Includes: Ancestry; Place of Birth, Citizenship, and Year of Entry; Language Spoken at Home

  7. Where We Move [PDF]
    Includes: Residence 5 Years Ago

  8. Disability and Caregivers [PDF]
    Includes: Disability; Grandparents as Caregivers

  9. Housing: Physical Characteristics [PDF]
    Includes: Year Structure Built; Units in Structure; Rooms; Bedrooms; Kitchen Facilities; Telephone Service Available; House Heating Fuel; Year Moved into Unit; Farm Residence

  10. Housing: Financial Characteristics [PDF]
    Includes: Tenure*; Value; Selected Monthly Owner Costs (Shelter Costs); Rent

Appendix A [PDF]

Includes: Statutory Requirements for Census Data

Appendix B [PDF]

Includes: Subjects in 1990 and 2000; Census in Which Subject was First Asked

* In Census 2000, we are asking these questions of the entire population and about every housing unit. The remaining subjects will be asked on a sample basis.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau
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