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The Governor's Liaison Program is a partnership established in August 1997 between the Governor of each state and the Census Bureau to work together to make Census 2000 more accurate and less expensive. The Governors' Liaison Program provided an excellent vehicle to share and exchange information between the Census Bureau and the Governor's office.  Each state named a Census 2000 Liaison including the District of Columbia.

Following Census 2000, the program will focus on data collection and delivery during the non-decennial years. We will use the partnerships created during Census 2000 to keep the states informed of programs that are important to their constituents such as Census 2000 data delivery, plans for 2010 Census, 1997 Economic Census data delivery and plans for the 2002 Economic Census, Census Bureau sponsored meetings and/or workshops in their respective states, current survey developments, and especially the American Community Survey.

The Census Bureau will continue to keep the Governors' Liaisons informed of its work with local governments on its geographic programs such as the Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) each year, update of school district and Congressional District boundaries by participating state officials, and the American Community Survey Coverage Program. The Census Bureau's Regional Offices will play a significant role in keeping the Governors' Liaisons aware of Census Bureau local data collection and other activities.

Through this program, the lines of communication have been developed to keep each Governor informed of census activities/programs taking place in his/her state. The Governors' Liaison Program is coordinated through the Customer Liaison Office (CLO) at the Census Bureau. For additional information, please contact Renee Jefferson-Copeland (Program Administrator, State and Governmental Programs), Frank Ambrose (Governmental Programs Liaison) or Barbara LaFleur (State Data Center Program) on 301-457-1305.

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