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1990 Census Mail Response Rates by 1990 Geographic Boundaries/FAQs

Here are the U.S. Census Bureau's Mail Response Rates from the 1990 Census for state, local, and tribal governmental entities.  Select from the following state list to see the rates for the counties, minor civil divisions (MCDs), places and tribal entities within that state.  For each state, counties and MCDs are listed first, followed by places and tribal entities.  If a tribal entity crosses state lines, it is listed under all appropriate states, but the mail response rate is calculated only on that portion of the reservation that falls within the state being displayed.

The mail response rates were calculated only for those areas of the country where either the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) or Census Bureau staff delivered questionnaires to addresses prior to Census Day (April 1).  In these areas, respondents completed the quesionnaire and returned it to the Census Bureau through the mail.  If a jurisdiction was enumerated solely by the list/enumerate methodology, i.e, a Census Bureau enumerator delivered the questionnaire to the address and personally interviewed the household, writing the answers on the questionnaire, it will not be displayed.  Note also that the jurisdictional boundaries reflect 1990 definitions.

Mail response rate is defined as the ratio of two numbers x 100.  The denominator is the number of addresses that receive a questionnaire from either the USPS or Census Bureau staff.  The numerator is the number of these addresses for which the Census Bureau receives a questionnaire back through the mail. Mail response rate covers all of those questionnaires that are returned before the nonresponse followup universe is determined.

The links to the mail response rates below are based on 1990 geographic boundaries. Access the 1990 mail response rates adjusted for 2000 geographic boundaries.

1990 Mail Response Rates by 1990 Geographic Boundaries

United States '90 Mail Response Rate: 65%
Alabama 62% Iowa 76% New Jersey 65% Vermont 64%
Alaska 52% Kansas 72% New Mexico 62% Virginia 70%
Arizona 62% Kentucky 69% New York 62% Washington 67%
Arkansas 65% Louisiana 58% North Carolina 63% West Virginia 65%
California 65% Maine 58% North Dakota 72% Wisconsin 77%
Colorado 67% Maryland 70% Ohio 75% Wyoming  61%
Connecticut 66% Massachusetts 64% Oklahoma 63%
Delaware 68% Michigan 72% Oregon 67%
District of Columbia 56% Minnesota 76% Pennsylvania 73%
Florida 61% Mississippi 62% Rhode Island 62%
Georgia 63% Missouri 69% South Carolina 58%
Hawaii 62% Montana 67% South Dakota 74%
Idaho 70% Nebraska 74% Tennessee 65%
Illinois 68% Nevada 61% Texas 61%
Indiana 72% New Hampshire 63% Utah 67%

Source:  U.S. Census Bureau
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