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Partnership and Data Services

people graphic The Partnership and Data Services program reflects the Census Bureau's commitment to continuing and expanding upon more than 140,000 organizational partnerships established during Census 2000. It is an innovative and aggressive data dissemination program that reaches virtually every segment of the American population.

Partnership and Data Services staff members are providing data information services and products and continuing contact with Census 2000 partners. They are actively engaged in providing data workshops, seminars, and site visits with state, local, and tribal governments, community based organizations, small businesses, rural community groups, inner city neighborhood associations, media organizations, national affiliates, and faith-based organizations. These relationships will assist the Census Bureau in conducting the most efficient, accurate and representative current surveys, while equitably disseminating data among traditional and non-traditional data users.

Staff is focusing on three major areas in support of the Census Bureau:

  1. Educate partners on how to access and use census data.

  2. Motivate non-traditional data users to use census data and apply the data to their needs.

  3. Work collaboratively with local organizations and national affiliates to support regional office survey activities, including recruitment, public awareness, and media campaigns.

The result is a cohesive, robust, and dynamic program that reaches not only the Census Bureau's regular data clients, but also reaches groups that the Census Bureau relied upon heavily during Census 2000 to achieve an accurate count. By continuing dialogue with these organizations, the Census Bureau is cultivating relationships with many organizations that worked exceptionally hard during the census to accurately count their communities and populations. Another benefit of this program is that relationships are strengthened with communities that are traditionally difficult to achieve good response rates for surveys and censuses.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Contact: Partnership and Data Services Branch
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