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  1. How do I find the snapshot for my industry?

    • Select from a menu: Click on "Industry Snapshots" link above, or select "Navigate to a different industry" at the bottom of any snapshot, then click the More button "more" button next to the sector (2-digit code) you want, select the subsector (3-digit code) the same way, then click the Chart button chart button next to the industry to display its snapshot; or
    • Use Search: Enter a key word or NAICS code in the search box in the upper right, then select from the options presented that match that word, then click the code.
  2. Where can I see the numbers from which the maps were built?

    At the bottom of each Industry Snapshot is a link to the Industry Statistics Sampler for that industry, which will open in a new window. Select the tab "2007 Census: Geographic Distribution" This gives establishments, sales, payroll and employment figures by state from the 2007 Economic Census. Per capita figures can be calculated using 2007 and 2002 population estimates.

  3. Why are there 2002 figures for some industries but not for others?

    The data in these Snapshots are shown on the 2007 NAICS basis. For industries whose definition or code changed between 2002 and 2007 and therefore are not comparable, data are not shown for 2002.

    For more information on these NAICS changes, see the "Historical Data" tab in the Industry Statistics Sampler linked at the bottom of each Snapshot.

  4. Why are maps of revenues or shipments not available for some industries?

    In some industries, receipts or revenue data are not shown at the state level due to the difficulty of business to report these data at this level.

    In addition, in some industries, data are withheld for particular states to avoid disclosure ('D' in Economic Census data tables) of information about particular companies. In these Industry Snapshots, suppressed states denoted in gray. If the output from these suppressed states accounts for more than 30 percent of the national total, the maps of output, output per capita, and output per employee are not shown to avoid confusion over the national distribution.

  5. Where can I get statistics more recent than 2007 for my industry?

    At the bottom of each Industry Snapshot is a link to the Industry Statistics Sampler, which will open in a new window. The "Guide to All Data Sources" tab within the Sampler lists the Census Bureau's annually, quarterly, and/or monthly programs which provide information about the industry.

  6. Can I get data for my state, county, city, or metro area?

    Data for many industries are available at the state, county, city, or metro area levels. Nearly all of these data are available in the 2007 Economic Census Economy-Wide Key Statistics file (EC0700A1) in American FactFinder.

    To view the data for your area and industry from this file, use the "Geographies" filter menu to select the geography and the "Industry Codes" filter menu to select the industry and view the table. Once you have opened the table, you may use the "Download" option to export the data to a spreadsheet program. For help using these filter menus and tools in American FactFinder, see the Economic AFF Guide.

    To calculate per-capita figures, obtain population denominators for your state, county, or place, making sure to use the correct columns for 2007 and 2002.

  7. Have the 2002 to 2007 comparisons been adjusted for inflation?

    No. All figures are in current dollars for the period shown, and do not reflect changes in prices. You can use price indexes published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to show the data on a common base. Producer Price Indexes are available for many industries. If costs in your industry are similar to consumer prices, it may be appropriate to use the Consumer Price Index (CPI). For example, to adjust 2002 data to a 2007 basis using the average CPI, multiply by 1.153; to adjust 1997 data to a 2007 basis, multiply by 1.292.

  8. Where can I get other questions answered?

    Contact us.

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