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Release Date:
September 8, 2022

For the Quarterly Services Survey, all current quarter estimates are preliminary estimates and will be superseded in following releases by revised estimates.

For information on the reliability and use of the data, including important notes on estimation and sampling variance, seasonal adjustment, measures of sampling variability, and other information pertinent to this economic indicator, visit the latest Quarterly Services Survey report [PDF, 681KB], or refer to the Quarterly Services website, which provides a link to more historical data for this survey.

Estimated measures of sampling variability for totals are expressed as coefficients of variation (CV). Standard errors (SE) are provided for quarter-to-quarter change and ratio estimates.

X = Not applicable.

Z = Absolute value is less than 0.05.

S = Estimate does not meet publication standards because of high sampling variability, poor response quality or other concerns about the estimate's quality.

The Y-axis for the line charts may be truncated to prevent flattening of the lines or to present the complete range of data.

Source: Quarterly Services Survey (Definitions)
721: Accommodation: U.S. Total — Seasonally Adjusted Total Revenue [Millions of Dollars]
Year 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
2003 X X X X
2004 X X X X
2005 X X X X
2006 X X X X
2007 X X X X
2008 X X X X
2009 X X X X
2010 X X X X
2011 X X X X
2012 X X 50,775 51,388
2013 51,193 51,507 52,026 53,040
2014 54,178 54,986 55,889 57,045
2015 58,207 58,860 59,358 60,197
2016 61,262 62,415 63,539 63,586
2017 64,840 64,806 65,088 65,263
2018 65,767 68,485 67,907 69,727
2019 69,363 70,281 71,566 71,755
2020 60,224 22,859 43,567 43,749
2021 49,636 61,831 76,213 79,953
2022 80,937 84,218 X X
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