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March 17, 2022

The Quarterly Summary of State and Local Government Tax Revenue provides quarterly estimates of state and local government tax revenue at a national level, as well as detailed tax revenue data for individual states. This quarterly survey has been conducted continuously since 1962. The information contained in this survey is the most current information available on a nationwide basis for government tax collections.

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A Special Note Concerning Revised Data:
Revisions reflect tax collection amounts obtained from three general sources. State and local government respondents have submitted revisions to amounts as originally reported. In other cases, governments have reported data, which we used to replace data that were previously imputed or estimated. Finally, some of the revisions were compiled from government sources, both published and unpublished.

The Y-axis for the line charts may be truncated to prevent flattening of the lines or to present the complete range of data.

Source: Quarterly Summary of State & Local Taxes (Definitions)
Table 1 - Latest National Totals of State and Local Tax Revenue: U.S. Total — Not Seasonally Adjusted T09 General Sales and Gross Receipts Taxes, 4 Quarters Ending [Millions of Dollars]
Year 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
2008 306,001 306,855 309,918 306,222
2009 300,362 292,966 285,737 281,463
2010 280,476 283,775 285,674 284,248
2011 282,480 280,642 276,365 305,223
2012 310,426 314,005 313,907 316,082
2013 319,130 324,601 331,591 336,623
2014 340,499 346,652 348,297 352,104
2015 357,094 361,962 367,804 370,252
2016 371,689 373,234 376,270 377,919
2017 380,030 383,439 387,915 393,367
2018 398,153 404,674 406,610 410,525
2019 416,557 422,078 431,477 437,647
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