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Local economic data for counties

Programs with data for counties Latest
Economic Census 2012 Sales, employment, payroll for establishments
Survey of Business Owners 2012 Sales, employment, payroll for firms by sex and ethnicity of owner
Statistics of U.S. Businesses 2013 Firms with paid employees by size of enterprise
Statistics of U.S. Businesses 2013 Births, deaths, expansions, contractions for establishments
County Business Patterns 2014 Employment and payroll for establishments; employment size
Nonemployer Statistics   2013 Receipts for establishments with no paid employees
Local Employment Dynamics 2013 Quarterly employment, job creation, earnings by age, sex & sector
Building Permits 2014 Number of housing units authorized by building permits by size
Governments 2012 Federal, state, and local governments and governmental activities

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Business & Industry | (301)763-2547 | econ@census.gov | Last Revised: May 21, 2018