Information and Communication Technology Survey (ICT)

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Dissemination Plan

Information and Communication Technology Survey


The Information and Communication Technology Survey (ICTS) is conducted annually to collect data on noncapitalized and capitalized spending by U.S. non-farm businesses for information and communication technology (ICT) equipment and computer software. Aggregated data are published at the national level for North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2-digit and selected 3-digit industries. The results are based on data collected from a sample of approximately 47,000 companies with paid employees.

Data Products

The ICTS results are published in full electronic format containing a summary of findings, data tables and figures, definition of terms, information on sampling and estimation methodologies, and copies of the survey forms and instructions. The results are posted to the ICTS website

Timing of Release

For a given survey year, estimates from the ICTS are published as soon as the data are finalized and cleared for release through the Census Bureau and Department of Commerce.

Notification of Release

The scheduled release date is posted on the ICTS website.

Outreach to the Media

The ICTS data releases may be publicized through a news release, product announcement or tip sheet. Company Statistics Division staff works with a Public Information Office media specialist to determine the most appropriate forum for publicizing the ICTS product.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Disclosure avoidance techniques are applied to the ICTS estimates to preserve the confidentiality and security of respondent data.

Access to Microdata

Microdata from the ICTS are only available for approved uses through the Center for Economic Studies by researchers with Special Sworn Status. See the CES Research Data for a description.

Announcement of Changes in Data Series

When feasible, significant planned changes in data collection, analysis, or estimation methods are announced in the Paperwork Reduction Act Submission required by the Office of Management and Budget every three years for re-authorization of the survey. A description of methods used is included in the published report each survey year.

Revisions and Corrections of Data

Each ICTS data release contains a complete set of tables containing revised estimates for the prior survey year. No revisions are made to data collected before the prior survey year. When a significant change is made in industry coding, sampling or estimation methodology, the prior survey year estimates are re-stated using the new methodology to serve as a comparison between the old and new methods.

The Census Bureau's policy for handling unscheduled corrections due to previously unrecognized errors is described in F1-7 of the U.S. Census Bureau Statistical Quality Standards.

Special Tabulations

In addition to published data, special tabulations of the ACES data may be prepared upon request. Such tabulations are prepared at cost and at the availability of Census Bureau staff resources. Data in these tabulations are summaries subject to the same rules prohibiting disclosure of confidential company-specific information that govern all Census Bureau publications.

Requests for special tabulations, including exact specifications for the type and format of the data requested, should be directed to the Company Statistics Division,

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